When people are looking for information about your specific business, they will search with your business name. However, most people, are going to be searching for a business CATEGORY, or for a specific PRODUCT or SERVICE.

Advertise to Increase Visability

Advertising includes Search Keywords and a Category Listing

Search Keywords can include your business type or category, or the products or services that you provide. Your business name will always be an included Keyword; however, you can also add up to Five(5) more Keywords to insure that your business will be seen by every person who is searching with words that are associated with your business. This will greatly increase the number of people who would "find" your business through the Savannah Directory custom Google search. Also, your business will be included in the Category Listings.

Top Positioning

Each Search Keyword you register is GUARANTEED to display your business information on the FIRST PAGE at the TOP of the organic listings at Savannah Directory when the Keyword is used in a custom Google search.

Advertising Enhances your Information Display

  • Category Listing Display
  • Highlighted Color Background
  • Full-Color Graphic Icon
  • Expanded Name & Information
  • Featured Message and Descriptive Text
  • Hyperlinked Color Web Address
  • 1-Click Sends Viewer to Your Web Site

About the Cost

There are no daily limits, restrictions, expensive bids, or costs per click.
Annual fee is just $119.00 and includes your chosen Search Keywords with an Extended Information Display. Also, your business will be included in the Listings by Category with a full Enhanced Display.

Advertising is guaranteed to make your business both easy to find, and easy to read by our thousands of regular visitors.

Advertising Order Form

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Note: Your Online Payment will be handled Safely and
Securely through Data Services of Georgia and PayPal

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